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Quality of life with dignity for every resident.


Not long ago, traumatic brain injuries and strokes were considered to be irreparable, often with patients receiving only those services meant to maintain comfort. In the 1970s, awareness of brain injury as a public health problem grew and developing research at the time indicated that many brain injured patients responded well to rehabilitation, restoring independence and dignity to their lives.In 1994, the New York State Department of Health began implementing a Certified Traumatic Brain Injury Program designed to provide intensive rehabilitation therapy intended to return brain injury patients back to the community with maximum independence. 

Queens Nassau Rehabilitation and Nursing Center was the first such program implemented in the Metropolitan area. Since then, Queens Nassau has participated in disseminating the gold standard of modern brain injury rehabilitation, restoring hope, quality of life, and independence to brain injury patients.The Certified TBI Program is set apart from generic rehabilitation programs by providing specialized Physiatry services, Cognitive Re-training, and Neuropsychological Testing. Additionally, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy are also specialized towards brain injury rehabilitation. Accordingly, increasingly complex brain injured patients have been referred and treated with medical, neuro-rehabilitation, and psychiatric needs over the years including traumatic brain injury, stroke, aneurysms, anoxic injuries, and brain malformation disorders.


Our Mission Statement

Queens Nassau Rehabilitation and Nursing Center’s mission and philosophy stresses quality of life with dignity for every Resident. In providing comprehensive rehabilitative health care, we offer our Residents the opportunity to develop skills essential to restoring their independence and to exercise self-determination in an environment that promotes optimal psychosocial and physical well-being. Queens Nassau Rehabilitation and Nursing Center continually strives to meet the unique medical, physical, social, and spiritual needs of each Resident under its care. meeting our responsibility to the community.

To this end, Queens Nassau Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, in partnership with the Resident and their family, utilizes an interdisciplinary team approach within the medical model to develop and execute each Resident’s plan of care. We recognize that our success is measured by the quality of life and care provided to those who reside in our facility, and in meeting our responsibility to the community.

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