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Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is often used to treat people with anxiety disorders. There are two aspects to this type of therapy: the cognitive component, which helps to change how a person views a situation, and the behavioral component, which helps to change how a person reacts to the situation. Our program is designed for patients who require this treatment as a result of their traumatic brain injury. Under the direction of our Doctor of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, a Ph.D. level Clinical Neuropsychologist, who supervises and directs all aspects of the Cognitive Rehabilitation program, residents receive the highest level of trained clinician services and treatment options specific to their needs.

Our neuropsychological and psychological services, also provide 2 cognitive remediators along with our clinical neuropsychologist to ensure succinct and timely care planning for our residents. Our Doctor of Neuropsychology is also responsible for overseeing and coordinating inter-disciplinary treatment planning, as well as providing ongoing education and training to all of the rehabilitation staff in this amazing and necessary field.

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