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The Abington of Glenview Offers

Renal Care & Management

RenPro is a dialysis provider focused on quality patient care and excellent clinical outcomes. RenPro has the infrastructure and expertise to manage treatments in all clinical settings. RenPro’s Management team has more than 65 years of experience and have been involved in the development of over 170 dialysis facilities across the country. Working with RenPro is really a true partnership.

Residing in rehabilitation centers, residential and long-term facilities, patients benefit from the convenience of on-site dialysis, which allows for a seamless integration with other therapies and services. Coordinated treatment which is delivered in a familiar environment can also reduce stress and disruption to the patient. The continuous service of on-site dialysis is a valuable component in helping patients to achieve full daily functionality.


We understand the complexity of the nursing home environment and are experienced at coordinating dialysis along with the resident’s other activity schedules. Dialysis treatments are scheduled in an effective manner which limits the disruptions in a resident’s day. On-site treatment provides convenience as well as eliminates time having to be transported to an outside location. More time in the facility allows for more time to participate in therapy and other healthcare models.

Our caregivers work together with each resident’s physician, to design an individualized treatment plan which will ensure the best outcome. Clinical supervision is provided by our Board-Certified Nephrologists. Our Clinical Team monitors Vascular Access, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit levels in real time, minimizing complications and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations. At The Abington, we work with several nephrology groups who round in most of the area hospital systems, and would continue to follow at The Abington when transitioning to us for skilled therapy. We strongly believe it is in the best interest of our patients to have this continuity of care.